Psychology and Music – Interdisciplinary Encounters

Institute of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade is co-organizer of the International Conference Psychology and Music – Interdisciplinary Encounters. Main organizer of the conference is Faculty of Music, University of Arts in Belgrade, and the other co-organizers are Music Section, Serbian Psychological Society and Regional Network .
The conference aims to bring together the diverse research endeavors of individuals and institutions in the interdisciplinary field of psychology and music, from Serbia, Western Balkan region and European countries, in order to provide a setting in which they can make their work visible to each other and to a wider interested audience. The tasks of the conference are: to foster interdisciplinary empirical and theoretical research and knowledge exchange in the field of psychology and music and related scientific and humanistic disciplines; to encourage the practical applications of academic knowledge (in the field of music education for gifted, functions of music in everyday life etc.); to bring together experienced scholars and early-career researchers, psychologists, musicians with different profiles and representatives of related scientific and applied disciplines from different geographic areas.
The First International Conference Psychology and Music – Interdisciplinary Encounters was held in Belgrade in 2019 October 24-26. The second Conference is scheduled to take place in Belgrade from 26-29. October 2022.